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Storage Containers, Trailers and Office Containers

Storage Containers
Perfect for homeowners and contractors doing remodeling jobs or large companies needing more warehouse space.
Storage Trailers
At your facility or ours. Ideal for dock height storage, short or long term leasing. Available for many uses. Mostly 40' and 45' sizes.
Office Container
Half Office. Half Storage. Perfect for your job site. Comes with desk and chair. Heat/AC.

Storage Containers and Storage Trailers

Discover our extensive range of modular storage solutions tailored to adapt to your evolving storage requirements. Fortin storage trailers and portable containers ensure both safety and affordability with secure locking mechanisms. Proudly serving NH, MA, ME, and VT, we excel in addressing your short or long-term spatial needs

In addition, we extend our expertise to local, state, and federal municipalities by offering specialized Storage Containers and Storage Trailers designed for government use.

Our niche lies in delivering top-notch Storage Containers in NH and MA. Count on our knowledgeable staff to provide comprehensive answers to all your inquiries.

Explore our diverse selection of Storage Containers and Storage Trailers, available in various sizes and lengths. This allows us to offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for your warehousing needs.

We have a variety of Storage Containers and Storage Trailers ranging in different sizes and lengths allowing us to provide an efficient and cost effective solution to your warehousing needs.


Now Available. Ground Level Office Containers.

50 % Office Area
50% Storage Area.
These units are outfitted with a desk, fluorescent lights, heat and A/C. Call for pricing and availabilty.

We specialize delivering Storage Containers in NH and MA.

Our container shop works hard to keep the equipment up to our high standards. We have a great crew and they take a lot of pride in making sure our 10', 20, and 40' storage containers are perfect for you.

All of our containers are the same the color. Fortin Gray!! This means, if your business or company needs more than one storage container, you will look more professional.

It also means peace of mind. When you order from Fortin Storage, you are working with one of the premier storage container companies in the area.

Containers and Tankers in yard,

Check out our YouTube channel for some video to help you understand the storage container delivery process. Click Here.

Storage Container Leasing Made Easy.

One of the great things about Fortin Storage is we are focused on making it easy to rent a storage container or trailer. No Five page rental agreements. No Minimum rental period. No limit on how long you can rent or lease the container for. We value your time, and ours, and we want to make the process as easy as possible. We accept most major credits cards, you can pay by check or by cash. Which ever is easiest for you.

Portable On-Site Storage Would Not Be Possible without Great Drivers

You can have the prettiest container and the greatest rates. It does not mean a thing if you can not get the container where you need it. Our drivers have the right attitude to deliver your container where you want it. We supply them with nice trucks. And a great office staff to complete the team.

Whether you need a road worthy storage container or an onsite storage trailer.

We got you covered. We service all of NH and most of mass. So if you need portable storage in NH, give us a call or try filling out our Instant Quote Form. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied.