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Storage Trailers in NH and MA

Storage Trailers for short or long term rental.

Our storage trailers provide a valuable solution to many storage problems. Retail stores find them perfect when they need to add extra storage space on short notice, or if you need to manage heightened seasonal business activity.

Up front pricing allows you to budget your job precisely with no surprises. We pride ourselves on making deliveries in a timely fashion.

Storage Trailers
Stoage trailers available at Fortin Storage.
40' $110 per month.
45' $110 per month.
28 day billing cycle.
Registered trailers can be moved when fully Loaded.
  • Dock height for business needing extra space
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Delivered clean and ready to use
  • Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable customer service

Prices do not include Delivery and Pick Up Charges. Charges vary according to location and are based on us delivering and picking up the unit EMPTY and it being used for onsite storage.

Rental month is a 28 day billing cycle. Due at time of delivery: First months rent/ Delivery charge/ Pick-up charge. Prices do not include any applicable sales taxes.